About us

Welcome to Étoile, where we embrace the art of capturing meaningful moments. At Étoile we specialize in the creation of projection jewelry, bringing your precious photos to life and turning them into beautiful memories that you can cherish forever.

Our collections are a celebration of craftsmanship and dedication. Whether it is timeless gold that stands the test of time or radiant silver that embraces modern elegance, at Étoile all our jewelry is crafted with passion and precision. This is not just about owning a piece of jewelry, but about experiencing a unique piece that connects you with your most precious moments.

Étoile not only stands for beautiful jewelry, but also for our strong commitment to sustainability and ethical production. We believe in the power of beauty with a purpose, which is why we strive to create jewelry that is not only visually stunning, but also has a positive impact on the world around us.

Étoile is not just about jewelry; it is an art form where we encourage you to embrace and cherish your unique story in style. Step into the magical world of Étoile, where each piece carries a beautiful memory and tells your story with elegance. Let us guide you on a journey through timeless style and meaningful connection, because at Étoile we create not only jewelry, but also unforgettable moments.

Contact details:

E info@jewelryetoile.nl
Chamber of Commerce: 91657385
VAT ID: NL004906180B17